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Thermal Pads
Healthy Pad Construction:

1. Nano Thermal catalyst
2. Neoprene
3. Tourmaling For Powder
4. Cermaic minus powder Terylene
5. Magnets (500~1100GS)

Product Characteristics:

1.Accordng TTRI's (Taiwan Textile Research Institute) test, we got 1.65℃ skin increasing, which is record in this institute
2.According TTRI's(Taiwan Textile Research Institute) test, we got 0.88 FIR emissivity rate which also good for the releasing amount
3.The strength of magnet stone is around 500~1100 GS, which is the best criteria for human body
4.Pass the testing for heavy metal analysis by SGS Taiwan. Operation Guide:

Use water to wet cloth of central part. Then directly fix the pad wherever the affected part of the skin.Commonly, around 15~30 minutes can feel obvious heat sense. The length of the wearing time is depended on every one's body status. If the skin has hot feeling after use, it is normal condition,please get off temporarily. The heat won't damage the skin. No water is also available, but longer time for heat feeling is expected. The product can be re-washed and re-used for over 500 times.Please do not use detergent or powder to wash or scrub with hard strength. Wash it only with water,whidh won't affect the efficiency of the product .
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