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About us  
Prolife care Systems Pvt. Ltd is a Surgical Marketing Company having associated offices in other parts of world like Dubai, U.S.A .

In India Prolifecare Systems started its operations By now in majority of Indian States which include Bihar; U.P; Punjab; Haryana; J&K;Delhi Maharashtra Tamil Nadu and many more…..By now Prolife has a strong network across India.

The Companies & Products which Prolife care Systems Market in India are as :

JustGood  Medicals 
: Patient Monitors; Feotal Monitors, ECG Monitors

Prolife shower trolley : Electro-Mechanical automatic bath  Exclusively for Burn  patients.

SUZRIC ENTERPRISES  Taiwan: Air Beds  For Bed Sores prevention . An exclusive  Marketing Arrangment for India Market.

PROLIFE NEBULISERS:  Full  Range of  Nebulisers  used for  Respiratory Ailment.  This company has entered into an exclusive Marketing alignment with our company  this year. Aleardy  a Known Brand  in India for the last Four Years   and has been doing a consistant business.

Apart from  the  above mentioned  Companies  & Products ProlifeCare Systems  also markets Silicone Coated latex Foley Catheter.
Human Resource
Human resource is the backbone of any successful enterprise and we recruit best talent available. Most of the sales personnel have previous experience in leading Companies like Glaxo Wellcome, Pfizer, Unilever etc.

Our products are marketed through our Distributors  situated at different Areas of the Country and  through our excellent infrastructure of personnel comprising  of large no. of  Marketing Personals.

We have large air-conditioned warehouses and one Distribution & Execution Center supported by mobile infrastructure to carry out distribution and merchandising effectively.

E undertake complete media management and advertising for products that we market. We also have expertise in arranging merchandising tools like displays, shelf talkers, leave behinds, posters, brochures and other points of sales materials.

We conduct medical as well as product introduction symposiums by inviting respective customer base of each market segment. This is also supported by press conference and editorial write ups in all leading magazines and newspapers. All the participants will be followed up individually by each sales executive of the respective area to implement follow-up strategies. All these customers are also being constantly followed-up by mailers.

We are also in the process of making news magazines related respective customer segments. We are starting with “Pharmacy News”. This will be mailed to over 700 Hospitals once in two months and thereafter will be on a monthly basis. We will use these media also for advertising our products.